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Welcome to the heart of Laikipia, where Borana Conservancy stands as a non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to the sustainable conservation of wildlife, habitat and building local livelihoods. Lengishu House is nestled within the spanning 32,000 acres and situated at an altitude of 6,300 feet, overlooking the conservancy with no other man-made structures in sight. Borana has been a member of The Long Run since 2015 and achieved Global Ecosphere Retreat (GER) status in 2020, Lengishu shortly followed achieving its GER status in 2024, both epitomise the harmonious coexistence of conservation, community, culture, and commerce. 

From its inception, Lengishu aimed to craft an inspiring luxury safari home, deeply committed to the ecosystem, its inhabitants, and the wildlife dependent on it. This commitment guided every aspect of design, construction, and management. Upholding landscape harmony alongside Borana Conservancy and neighbouring stakeholders, Lengishu contributes to essential conservation expenses. Together, education, healthcare, water safety, and livestock programmes are supported, alongside robust anti-poaching measures. Guests are encouraged to engage with community and conservation efforts, gaining insights into rhino conservation alongside local communities. 

Conservation at Borana isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. Every visitor to Borana Conservancy contributes to conservation alongside their accommodation costs. These contributions are carefully monitored and allocated to various initiatives, ensuring the continued success of Borana Conservancy’s conservation efforts both within the conservancy and beyond. As a non-profit, dividends are not distributed to shareholders. Instead, Borana Conservancy channels tourism and other enterprises towards bolstering local livelihoods, preserving habitats, and safeguarding ecosystem integrity. All profits earned are reinvested into Borana Conservancy’s social and environmental responsibilities. 

In 2014, Borana and Lewa took down the fences and created one conservation landscape for the benefit of the critically endangered black and white rhinos. This was the first time that two privately owned and run organisations undertook such a move for the benefit of one of Kenya’s most threatened species. The collaboration between Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Borana Conservancy has created a contiguous landscape of 92,000 acres, providing a haven for over 247 rhinos, including both black and white species. Borana and Lewa Conservancy set a benchmark and made one of East Africa’s largest and most successful rhino habitats. 

Borana Conservancy witnessed the tenth consecutive year of zero rhino poaching in 2023, boasting a commendable 40% birth rate per adult female. Implementing Earth Ranger technology in June 2022, Borana established an Operations Command Centre, aiding real-time wildlife tracking and asset monitoring. Plans include sensor integration for livestock and environmental monitoring. Collaborating with 51Degrees in 2023, Borana has developed a Tableau reporting template for concise management insights into wildlife distribution and conservancy activities. 

Borana Conservancy aims to become carbon neutral over the next three years. All properties on the conservancy have made substantial steps in this direction over the past year. The Conservancy has an energy management plan with time-bound targets in place, and the carbon footprint is measured monthly to guide future targets and monitor energy usage. This is complemented by a comprehensive recycling centre at the Borana Conservancy HQ, allowing all properties to responsibly sort waste and substantially reduce landfill, providing a sustainable environment for both staff and visitors. 

In recognition of the vital role education plays in conservation, Borana Conservancy launched the Mazingira Yetu programme. This initiative aims to reconnect communities with their natural environment, offering hands-on learning experiences within Borana’s pristine landscapes. With plans underway to expand accommodation facilities, Borana is poised to welcome more students, educators, and researchers into this transformative learning environment. 

Borana Conservancy goes beyond wildlife conservation and is deeply committed to uplifting local communities through initiatives like the Borana Mobile Clinic and the Borana Education Programme (BESP). BESP empowers students through scholarships and conservation education, supporting 49 students with bursaries for secondary and tertiary education, and fostering a new generation of conservation leaders. The Mobile Clinic, manned by dedicated healthcare professionals, offers vital medical services and healthcare education to remote villages. With a team of two nurses and a driver, it reaches ten communities on a two-week rotation, treating over 700 patients monthly and covering over 1000 miles. Nurses also counsel students and community members on family planning, health and hygiene, conducting over 220,000 consultations in the past decade. 

For daring travellers in pursuit of an authentic wilderness adventure, Borana Conservancy offers an array of captivating safari experiences. From tracking rhinos with parts of the anti-poaching team to guided nature walks and tranquil moments within the conservancy, guests are immersed in nature’s pure essence. With tailored services and unparalleled access to Kenya’s wildlife, Borana Conservancy ensures every moment leaves an enduring impression. Guests can also directly contribute to conservation efforts by joining rangers on their evening deployments and engaging in wildlife monitoring, fostering a deeper connection with nature’s delicate balance. 

As stewards of this remarkable landscape, Borana Conservancy invites visitors to embark on a journey of discovery, conservation, and transformation. From the rolling hills of Laikipia to the vibrant communities that call this region home, Borana is a beacon of hope for a future where nature thrives, and humanity thrives alongside it. 

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