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From the very beginning, our vision for Lengishu was to create an inspiring luxury safari home with a commitment to sustainability. This guided every element of the design, build and management.

Community & Conservation

At Lengishu, we take great care to have as little impact on our environment as possible.

From the very beginning, our vision for Lengishu was to create an inspiring luxury safari home with a commitment to this eco-system as well as the people and wildlife who depend on it. This guided every element of the design, build and management. We are passionate about preserving the balance of the existing landscape in conjunction with Borana Conservancy and our neighbours. As shareholders of Borana Conservancy, we contribute to the core operational conservation costs. Collectively, we support an education programme, a mobile clinic, a water safety programme and a livetsock to market programme, which run side by side with our security and anti-poaching initiatives.

We encourage all of our guests to learn more about our community and conservation initiatives while staying with us by visiting schools, clinics and our ranger head quarters to get a true behind the scenes insight into how a successful rhino conservation is run in conjunction with neighbouring communities.

Community & Conservation

Lengishu has been a member of The Long Run since 2020. This is the worlds leading membership community of nature-based businesses who are committed to driving holistic sustainability and regeneration. As a member, we aspire to maintain a healthy and productive planet for posterity. Our membership supports us and guides us to excel in the highest sustainability standards via the 4C framework.


People matter; it is the right of every person to have their basic needs met, and enhancing the well-being of communities is a fundamental obligation of all.


Celebrating cultural diversity and commonality nurtures understanding and fosters connections. Respecting cultural differences is crucial to our future.


Thriving ecosystems and biodiversity are integral to the survival of people and our planet. Conservation is safeguarding this biodiversity to support global needs.


Trading has been central to the development of civilizations over thousands of years and is likely to remain so, and so sustainability must be central to business.

Community & Conservation

Sustainability at heart

As part of our commitment we have ensured that you will have the slightest footprint as possible when staying with us. Our water is sourced from two solar-powered wells, its purity enabling us to filter, bottle and carbonate on site, removing the necessity of plastic bottles. We are committed to a Conservancy-wide recycling policy which ensures that none of our waste goes to landfill. We collect rainwater for irrigation and store it in a 300,000 litre tank, all of our grey water is recycled.

Lengishu is solar powered both for electricity and heating water and we have a strict sourcing policy which has dramatically reduce food miles.

Community & Conservation

A farm to fork policy

When dining at Lengishu, great taste and sustainability go hand in hand. The delicious food prepared by our experienced chef, Sam, is created from organic produce sourced from nearby farms.

We grow salads, herbs and leafy greens in our own kitchen garden which is tended to by a dedicated team of gardeners and chefs.

We have a wonderful kitchen team who are dedicated to producing sustainable and delicious meals and are happy to cater to all dietary requirements and little one’s picky pallets.


An exclusive use home, guaranteeing complete privacy

Six stylish bedrooms across the hillside, the property sleeps a maximum of twelve guests with additional guide or pilot accommodation if necessary.

explore Lengishu

Discover the full experience

Experience unforgettable adventures

Lengishu offers some of the most authentic ways to encounter Kenya’s wildlife and wilderness.

Stay in the heart of the Borana Conservancy

Borana Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of land, wildlife and building local livelihoods.

Follow our journey

Lengishu is the ultimate base for a unique, luxury safari experience.

Escape to Fish Eagle 🦅✨ 

Enjoy a spacious double room with a cosy sitting area, open fireplace, and a luxurious en-suite with a rain shower and copper bathtub. Step outside to a stunning terrace with floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Spotted in the wild 🌿 A rhino mother with her calf, two of the 246 black & white rhino on the Lewa-Borana Landscape which is one of the largest continuous rhino habitats in East Africa.

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A trio of teenage lions thriving on Borana Conservancy lions 

📸 by Solomon Epokor, Lengishu’s head guide.

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Celebrate #SustainableGastronomyDay with us by enjoying meals that are as good for the planet as they are for your palate. 

Discover the flavours of locally sourced and sustainably grown ingredients with as many ingredients as possible coming from our very own kitchen garden . 🌱🍴 

#SustainableDining #EcoFriendlyEats #LengishuHouse
Experience culinary perfection with our tailored menu that caters to your every desire. Fresh, local ingredients crafted into gourmet dishes. 🍽️✨ 

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Indulge in the epitome of luxury at Lengishu. Our meticulously designed interiors offer a serene and sophisticated retreat after a day of adventure. 🛋️🌿 

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🌍✨ Happy World Environment Day! 🌍✨ 

As proud members of The Long Run and a Global Ecosphere Retreat, we are committed to protecting our planet’s precious ecosystems. Today, we celebrate the beauty of nature and our ongoing efforts in conservation, community, culture, and commerce. Let’s continue to cherish and safeguard our environment for future generations. 

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Embark on an unforgettable journey tracking rhinos in their natural habitat by foot or Land Rover on Borana Conservancy. Witness these majestic creatures up close and personal. 🦏✨ 

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🌿✨ Ruth Horsey has crafted a garden with native plants that blend perfectly with the bush. Nature at its finest! 🌱🌸 

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Crafting culinary magic al fresco style 🌅🍴 
Chef Sam brings gourmet flavours to the heart of the Borana Conservancy wilderness. 

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Finding solace under an epic Euphorbia Tree about to tuck into a bush breakfast

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