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Borana Conservancy is found on the foothills of Mt Kenya, a few miles north of the equator. It is one of Kenya's most successfull rhino conservation areas home to The Big Five and more.


Borana Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of land, wildlife and building local livelihoods

In 2013, Borana introduced 21 black rhino from Lake Nakuru National Park and the neighbouring Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Lewa and Borana cooperate closely on all conservation matters and have now dropped the adjoining fences between the two conservancies. This contiguous landscape now boasts 106 black and 98 white rhino, making it arguably one of the best places in Kenya to see rhino. Whilst a draw for many visitors, rhino are not the only big game you will find on the conservancy. All of the Big Five can be seen here. Borana Conservancy is also one of the best places for birdwatching in East Africa with close to 300 species of bird.


Access to Lengishu

Please get in touch with us if you would like help with transfers to and from Lengishu.

  • Private charter to Borana Conservancy airstrip (15 min game drive away)
  • Helicopter to the Lengishu private helipad
  • Scheduled flights to Lewa Downs (1h30 min game drive away)
Departures Magazine
Lengishu is one of the most luxurious and environmentally conscious destinations in Kenya.

-Departures Magazine

Billionaire Magazine
At Lengishu the animals that roam in the 32,000-acre Borana Conservancy are the VIPs.

-Billionaire Magazine

ES Magazine
Recall The Lion King’s Pride Rock, teeming with wildlife? Kenya’s Borana reserve is just like it.

-ES Magazine


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Six stylish bedrooms across the hillside, the property sleeps a maximum of twelve guests with additional guide or pilot accommodation if necessary.

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Our vision for Lengishu was to create an inspiring luxury safari home with a commitment to sustainability.

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