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When it comes to booking a Kenyan adventure, there really is only one destination that ticks all of the boxes, Lengishu. There are many reasons to book a trip to Lengishu, so many in fact that we thought it might be easier to list them.

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Reasons to stay with us

  • Lengishu is located at the heart of Borana Conservancy, Kenya’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary.
  • It is the final property to be built on Borana Conservancy, opening its doors in May 2019.
  • It is a family home owned by the MacHale family who visit regularly giving it a friendly and welcoming feel.
  • The refined interiors were designed by Minnie MacHale who sought pieces from the back streets of Nairobi to Kempton Park Antiques Market. The interiors fully reflect the destination from the earthy tones to unique pieces displayed.
  • There are photographs dotted around the house which were taken by Joe and Minnie MacHale’s son, a talented wildlife photographer.
  • All rooms face east offering beautiful sunrises and sweeping views across the valley, towards pride rock and deep into the Northern Frontier District with no man-made structures or lights visible.
  • The pool house faces west making it the perfect location for long, lazy afternoons watching the sunset. Additionally guests can make their way to Lengishu’s private sundowner spot which is within walking distance of the main house with views of Mt Kenya.

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More reasons to stay with us

  • Lengishu was a completely sustainable build, with timber sourced from within Kenya and rocks from the site itself.
  • It is run with a fully sustainable ethos: plastic free, grey water recycling system, state of the art solar system, in-house water purifier and bottling plant and natural eco-friendly cleaning products used throughout.
  • All fresh produce used at Lengishu is sourced from nearby organic farms. Notably Waitabit Farm, located between Lewa and Borana Conservancies. Farm tours are offered to Lengishu guests to experience how organic produce is grown between two wildlife conservation areas.
  • Lengishu’s private chef Sam is expertly trained and renowned as one of the best on the Conservancy
  • The wine list is extensive and all personally selected by owner Joe MacHale.
  • Lengishu is completely connected with wifi available throughout, satellite TV in the Study and TVs in bedrooms which are connected to Netflix & YouTube. A Sonos sound system is in place across the main house and pool house.
  • Lengishu is extremely proud of its local employment rate with 98% of staff coming from communities neighbouring Borana Conservancy only Sheila (Lengishu Manager), Sam (Head Chef) & Ken (Gardener) are from further afield.
  • Lengishu is on the slopes of Mt Kenya at 6,000 ft (2,000m) in altitude, meaning that it is 
malaria free.

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Our incredible activities

  • Lengishu offers unique ‘behind the scenes of conservation’ activities on Borana Conservancy. These include tracking rhino at first light and accompanying members of the armed anti-poaching team on their evening deployments. This gives guests a true insight into the running of a rhino conservation area as well as the opportunity to spend time with the impressive anti-poaching team.
  • Lengishu is home to a pétanque pitch (possibly the highest in Africa?) with breath-taking views.
  • There is an in-house private masseuse to help ease away the stress of everyday life (massages included in the rates).
  • Due to the expanse of wilderness, Borana Conservancy is one of the best places to spot wildlife. It also has a low-density tourism policy there which means there is a very small chance that guests will see any other tourists while staying at Lengishu or when out on game drives.
  • As Lengishu is on a private conservation area, it allows guests much more flexibility with their itineraries: bush breakfasts, lunches and dinners are available along with mountain biking, horse riding, farm tours and days on the Ngare Ndare River.
  • All the vehicles used at Lengishu were custom designed to guarantee comfort and exceptional game viewing.
  • Lengishu is a two hour bush walk from Pride Rock, the inspiration for the original Disney The Lion King Film. The Disney animators visited Borana Conservancy in the early 1990s ahead of the original film release and again in 2017 ahead of the new release of the film. It is an iconic location for both sundowners and Sunrisers.
  • There are a number of fantastic walking routes directly from Lengishu.
  • Lengishu’s guide is called Nissa. He is a Silver level guide who grew up in a community neighbouring Borana so knows the area like the back of his hand.
  • Helicopter trips can take guests to even more of the wild north

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Our unique location, the magnificent Borana Conservancy

  • Borana is an incredible conservation success story; the fences were removed between Borana and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in 2014, forming the Lewa-Borana Landscape – one of East Africa’s largest continuous rhino habitats at 92,000 hectares.
  • In 2019 the Lewa-Borana Landscape saw 32 rhino births (17 black and 15 white) bringing the total population to 109 black and 97 white rhinos by the end of the year.
  • Conservation fees paid by each guest are invested into the sustainable conservation of land, wildlife and building local livelihoods.
  • Home to the “Big Five” and a wide range of endangered species
  • Easy access, daily scheduled flights into Lewa which is a 90 minute game drive away or charter flights into Borana airstrip or helicopter to the Lengishu private heli-pad.
  • Easy access with the Masai Mara and Kenyan coast

An exclusive use home, guaranteeing complete privacy

Six stylish bedrooms across the hillside, the property sleeps a maximum of twelve guests with additional guide or pilot accommodation if necessary.

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Experience unforgettable adventures

Lengishu offers some of the most authentic ways to encounter Kenya’s wildlife and wilderness.

Stay in the heart of the Borana Conservancy

Borana Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of land, wildlife and building local livelihoods.

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Lengishu is the ultimate base for a unique, luxury safari experience.

Escape to Fish Eagle 🦅✨ 

Enjoy a spacious double room with a cosy sitting area, open fireplace, and a luxurious en-suite with a rain shower and copper bathtub. Step outside to a stunning terrace with floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Spotted in the wild 🌿 A rhino mother with her calf, two of the 246 black & white rhino on the Lewa-Borana Landscape which is one of the largest continuous rhino habitats in East Africa.

#SafariMoments #RhinoLove #WildlifeWonders #Lengishu
A trio of teenage lions thriving on Borana Conservancy lions 

📸 by Solomon Epokor, Lengishu’s head guide.

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Celebrate #SustainableGastronomyDay with us by enjoying meals that are as good for the planet as they are for your palate. 

Discover the flavours of locally sourced and sustainably grown ingredients with as many ingredients as possible coming from our very own kitchen garden . 🌱🍴 

#SustainableDining #EcoFriendlyEats #LengishuHouse
Experience culinary perfection with our tailored menu that caters to your every desire. Fresh, local ingredients crafted into gourmet dishes. 🍽️✨ 

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Indulge in the epitome of luxury at Lengishu. Our meticulously designed interiors offer a serene and sophisticated retreat after a day of adventure. 🛋️🌿 

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🌍✨ Happy World Environment Day! 🌍✨ 

As proud members of The Long Run and a Global Ecosphere Retreat, we are committed to protecting our planet’s precious ecosystems. Today, we celebrate the beauty of nature and our ongoing efforts in conservation, community, culture, and commerce. Let’s continue to cherish and safeguard our environment for future generations. 

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Embark on an unforgettable journey tracking rhinos in their natural habitat by foot or Land Rover on Borana Conservancy. Witness these majestic creatures up close and personal. 🦏✨ 

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🌿✨ Ruth Horsey has crafted a garden with native plants that blend perfectly with the bush. Nature at its finest! 🌱🌸 

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Crafting culinary magic al fresco style 🌅🍴 
Chef Sam brings gourmet flavours to the heart of the Borana Conservancy wilderness. 

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Finding solace under an epic Euphorbia Tree about to tuck into a bush breakfast

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