Our Story


The story of lengishu



Lengishu was born out of a love affair with Africa  



Our family’s love of Kenya started more than forty years ago when a four year stay in Nairobi resulted in a number of deep and lasting friendships together with an appreciation of the beauty of this country and the friendliness of its people. As a result of this, our first family safari took place in Kenya some twenty years ago. This was followed by three of our children volunteering to work and teach in different schools in Kenya before they went to university.

Frequent visits to Kenya ensued and so, when we became aware that the Dyer family were looking for one last shareholder to help support their vision for conservation in Laikipia, it was too good an opportunity to miss. Now, some three years later, Lengishu is built and has become our home in Kenya.

When building Lengishu, the primary focus was to have as little impact on its surroundings as possible. The stones have been excavated from the site itself, sourced when the foundations were laid. The wooden beams and panels are made of teak and gum poles from Kenya, the walls are rammed earth or stone and the floors are stone and wood. This is a Kenyan home, all the while providing the upmost in luxury and style.

Lengishu is a harbour for adventure, a luxurious experience at the heart of Kenya’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary. 




Lengishu boasts six bedrooms within four cottages which are situated separately from the main house.

Fish Eagle and Goshawk are standalone cottages, perfect for couples. The Upper and Lower Cottages work equally well for guests travelling with young children or two couples on safari together, with the bedrooms leading off the shared sitting room that is found at the centre of the unit.

All bedrooms are specious with an open, uncluttered design and have ensuite bathrooms with rain showers and freestanding copper bathtubs. Floor to ceiling windows open on to the views beyond, making the most of the spectacular setting and allowing for bathtub game viewing.

 Whilst guests are encouraged to enjoy the conservancy, Lengishu has a wide range of activities for those wanting to stay at home. With its own gym, games room, infinity pool, in-house masseuse, studio, pétanque pitch and darts board, the challenge is deciding what to do first.


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