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Explore Kenya from a thrilling new perspective – Lengishu can organise exhilarating helicopter safaris in partnership with Kenya Choppers, departing from Lengsihu’s helicopter pad and offering an extraordinary way to discover the vastness of the conservancy. These expeditions promise unforgettable experiences in the wild North of Kenya, giving you the opportunity to try fly fishing at high-altitude lakes on Mount Kenya or to soar over the flamingo-filled shores of Lake Bogoria, amongst many other adventures. 

Start the day with a Breakfast Flight, where you’ll journey over scenic landscapes and wildlife in search of the perfect picnic spot illuminated by morning light. The kitchen team will prepare hot coffee, tea, and delicious goodies for what is sure to be one of the most memorable meals you’ll ever have. Alternatively, opt for a Sundowner Flight to chase the sunset, enjoying drinks and snacks onboard as you find the ideal spot to witness a famous Kenyan sunset. Each experience accommodates up to 4 guests per helicopter excluding the pilot.

Ascend the majestic slopes of Mt. Kenya to witness one of Kenya’s greatest natural wonders up close. Depart early from Lengishu and land beside pristine lakes for a champagne breakfast and fly fishing experience at 12,000 feet. Cast your line for rainbow trout, explore Alpine forests, and savour breathtaking views—all in the company an expert guide. This exclusive trip accommodates up to 3 guests per helicopter (weight dependent) excluding the pilot, ensuring an intimate and unforgettable escapade.

Combine adventure with conservation at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, where orphaned baby elephants find a second chance at life. Enjoy a picnic breakfast or lunch near Mt. Ololokwe, followed by an up-close encounter with these magnificent animals. Learn about Reteti’s community lead conservation efforts and witness the re-wilding efforts of their orphaned herd. This trip, accommodating up to 4 guests plus the pilot, offers a deeper connection to Kenya’s wildlife and conservation initiatives.

For the ultimate adventure, embark on the Suguta Valley Chopper Day—a signature trip. Dive into the heart of Africa, where rare birds, wild animals, and dramatic landscapes await. Soar amongst flamingos at Lake Logipi, conquer giant sand dunes, and land atop extinct volcanoes. Picnic in canyons, swim in Lake Turkana, and discover the uncharted beauty of Kenya’s wilderness. This journey, led by experienced pilots, offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will redefine your understanding of Africa.

You can sit back and take in the breathtaking helicopter experience knowing that resident chopper pilot, Harry Dyer, grew up on Borana Conservancy and knows the area like the back of his hand. His expert knowledge of the area will lead you to the best places to spot wildlife and where to get the finest views. In Harry’s words, “Borana Conservancy provides the perfect platform to launch helicopter adventures into The North. With wildlife, culture and adventure right on our doorstep it won’t take long before you are immersed in a feeling of freedom as you explore some of the wildest landscapes Kenya has to offer.”

Whether you seek wildlife encounters, scenic vistas, or cultural immersion, Lengishu’s helicopter safaris promise unparalleled adventures across Northern Kenya. Each trip is tailored to our guests and is designed to leave a lasting impression, offering a blend of luxury, adventure, and conservation.

Discover Kenya from a new angle with Lengishu—where every journey is an extraordinary adventure.

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