Our philosophy in the creation of Lengishu was to preserve the balance of the existing landscape with the ongoing focus of sustainability in conjunction with Borana Conservancy.

Nestled into either side of a ridge, Lengishu has been designed to blend quietly into its natural surroundings, taking care not to break the silhouette of this ridge. Its construction materials were predominately local, as was our team of builders. Much care was taken to create an almost entirely indigenous garden, the plants and shrubs blending subtly with those of the surrounding bush.

Water is sourced from two solar powered bore holes, its purity enabling us to filter, bottle and carbonate on site, reducing the necessity of importing plastic bottles (we are committed to a Conservancy wide recycling policy). Rain water for irrigation is collected and stored separately in a 300,000 litre tank and all of the grey water is recycled, power is generated by our substantial solar farm. 

Our food, prepared by our experienced chef, Sam, is organically grown and sourced locally, some from Waitabit Farm within the Borana Conservancy.

The owners of Lengishu are shareholders of Borana Conservancy and as shareholders contribute to core conservation costs, on an annual basis. Collectively we support numerous health, education and microenterprise programmes outside the conservancy. 




Borana is part of 90,000 acres of stunning natural savannah, working closely with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya Wildlife Services and the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust.  The strong relationship with neighbouring communities is key, with much focus on health outreach and education support programmes.

Full details of all the work that is encompassed by Borana Conservancy can be found on the Conservancy website.

However the following “4 C’s”are of great importance to us:

Commerce:  This focuses on the importance provided by tourism to maximise employment, taxable revenues, agriculture and productive land use.

Conservation:  This ensures that the wildlife has a secure environment within which to breed and thrive. Securing and increasing this habitat and managing the interaction between humans and wildlife is the underlying mission of the Conservancy.  

Community:  This relationship develops recognition of the advantages of preserving wildlife through employment and the opportunities to use their own land for enterprise, development and commerce. The Conservancy operates a mobile health clinic and supports a substantial number of nearby schools.

Culture:  This can continue to be enjoyed and preserved if local employment and successful commerce continues to thrive, together with  good health care and education, removing the need to seek employment elsewhere.


Our family hope that our involvement and interest in this successful Conservancy will help to make a difference .  

Borana Conservancy is playing a hugely important role in the long term sustainability of this unique part of Kenya.